Our olive mill was established in Gavalou of Aitoloakarnania  in 1926  by Georgio Skouras.

It was one of the first olive mills in the area (using petroL machine CAMBELL and square pressing machine).

In 1930, Andreas Skouras, son of Georgios, established one more co operative  olive mill in the village of Pamphio, using  a DEUTZ – OTTO machine.

In 28th of July in 1943, the village of Gavalou along with all the Makrynean villages  (from Zevgaraki  to Sitaralona) were burnt down by the German conquerors. The olive mill was destroyed  as well.

After  the devastation, Andreas Skouras found the courage with endless, unyielding passion to re-establish the olive mill using the scanty means of his time.

In 1954 the DE LAVAL divider  was installed in the mill.

By continual upgrades and additions of our equipment, we now operate with the most contemporary machinery increasing the quality of the production.

We invest in mechanical equipment following the demands and the time rhythms.

We are now the third generation offering our service and experience to the producers of our area  by producing quality olive oil ,following the steps of  our  dearly departed  GEORGIOS SKOURAS.

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